Opening Soon, Green Bag Indonesia Webstore

My green bag website is almost ready for launching.  The website is about 70% progress making (I decide to design it by my self) but some of the products already finish.  Lets take a sneak peek on the shopping bag and the gift wrap bag :).


At this opportunity, I would like to introduce you with my colleague, my friends, the bag maker, LiS Riana.  You can called her LIZ or Lis…. Here is Liz with our green shopping bag.

Here is the gift wrap bag.  Gift Wrap bag is a bag to substitute the using of paper gift wrap.  This bag are made from 100% cotton fabric.

Sweet right ?? What about this one….


I know you want this (so do I)…:)

Why we choose fabric ?  Because it is durable and the price is also reasonable.  FYI, One green bag can substitute the using of 22,000 plastic bag so it is a great investment for environment.

If you interested to order just email us at or

With love,

Green Bag Lady Project, from Plastic to Fabric

I always try to be as green as I can.  One small things that can made big Impact to environment is by using Green Bag. I have some Green Bag, one from my Laptop bag’s and one I purchased from local Mini Market. My latest green bag I received from Green Bag Lady Project.  Green Bag Lady is a project run by Teresa Vanhatten to reduce the using of plastic bag.  This project include giving away green bags to anybody who want or need it  You can check her blog.

Okay, lets talk about my green bag lady bag.  My green bag number is 8099 which indicates the number of green bag that already given away.  To date, Teresa has already give away 9000 bags. Amazing Rights?  You can contribute to this projects by donating some left over fabric if you have, made your own green bag with pattern downloadable on her website and why not subscribing her blog via RSS Feed so that you know each time she gathered freebie bag??? I like her bag.  Its so simple, durable and the most important thing is using it each time we doing shopping.  It’s  a small things yet very important to reduce the using of plastic bags which the number always increasing minute by minute, hour by hour.

Here is the bag with me and my daughter when we shopped at the Mall :).  Thanks again Teresa!

Lets go green!

2010 green resolution

I am winning a bag from Green Bag Lady Project, I am so happy.  Actually, I haven't receive it.  The bag is on mail right now and I don't know when will the bag arrived. I was thrilled.   It just awesome being a part of worldwide green bag movement.

In 2010, I want to be more active on 'green movement' like;

  1. I want to compost, I have doing some research on Internet but haven't decide yet which methods I would like to do.
  2. I am tweeting 'Green Tips, Link so on".  I believe one little step leads to big steps.
  3. I have a plan to make "Green Bag Online Shop" where people / corporate can buy green bag online.  I already have a partner, she is the one who will sew the bag.  You now what?  I already dream of it very long time.  I just never thought I found someone who can help me pursuing my dream.  We also plan to give free bag for special event.  Beside in Indonesia, not much Green Bag online shops you can find.  Maybe we are the first :).
  4. I will never leave my green bag again every time I went to shop.
So what is your Green Resolution?  Share with Us.

Gorgeous Green Blog created by a gorgeous woman

Pemilik blog ini adalah wanita yang luar biasa!  Bagaimana tidak melalui sebuah project "Green Lady Bag", Teresa, sang pemilik blog telah memberikan ribuan tas secara GRATIS untuk menumbuhkan kesadaran menggunakan tas ini tiap kali belanja ke pasar swalayan atau ke mall.  Sejauh yang aku tahu, Teresa ini juga ngasih secara gratis pola tas (ukuran-ukurannya secara detail) dan juga pattern kain itu sendiri.  Hebat bukan?  Silahkan meluncur ke blognya yaitu  O ya di situs ini, Teresa juga ngasih video You Tube: Cara bikin Tas Ramah Lingkungan atau kamu bisa cek postingan saya sebelumnya yang saya ambil dari blog aslinya.

Its time to go green Ladies.............