Green Bag Lady Project, from Plastic to Fabric

I always try to be as green as I can.  One small things that can made big Impact to environment is by using Green Bag. I have some Green Bag, one from my Laptop bag’s and one I purchased from local Mini Market. My latest green bag I received from Green Bag Lady Project.  Green Bag Lady is a project run by Teresa Vanhatten to reduce the using of plastic bag.  This project include giving away green bags to anybody who want or need it  You can check her blog.

Okay, lets talk about my green bag lady bag.  My green bag number is 8099 which indicates the number of green bag that already given away.  To date, Teresa has already give away 9000 bags. Amazing Rights?  You can contribute to this projects by donating some left over fabric if you have, made your own green bag with pattern downloadable on her website and why not subscribing her blog via RSS Feed so that you know each time she gathered freebie bag??? I like her bag.  Its so simple, durable and the most important thing is using it each time we doing shopping.  It’s  a small things yet very important to reduce the using of plastic bags which the number always increasing minute by minute, hour by hour.

Here is the bag with me and my daughter when we shopped at the Mall :).  Thanks again Teresa!

Lets go green!

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